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It was nice the flare makes it look like a super saiyan.cThe spikes and fire are well placed and I would love to use in fan game. It is beautiful combining black and yellow with gorgeous blue A&M spikes and the fire not being that blue it's orange looks so realistic that if somebody told me ITWAS fanmade I would not believe them. I kovie it but try to work on the stomach as it looks fu my like a kangaroo. But other than that flawless. But I have one question can I use it for the fangame im making
Image by MysticVensaur
Kaduking: Pistols they are awesome and so are science fiction
grimmie: Today two legendary users of blaster pistols will fight to the death.
Kaduking: Jango Fett the most feared Bounty hunter of the old republic
Grimmie: And Tracer the speedy hero of Overwatch
Kaduking: I am Kaduking and she's Grimmie and we analyze the fighters weapons and skills to see who would win a DESTH battle
(cue opeaning))
kaduking: A tragic plane accident leaves Lena Oxford nearly desd in a ghost like state trapped in time.
Geimmie: Lucky for her though her friend Winston a bigass gorilla who is also a genius made her a chromo accelerator to keep her anchored in the present.
kadking: With the overwatch she fought in the Great Crisis and now fights a Blue sniper lady
grimmie: She has two pulse pistols that fire rapidly and reload in seconds, her ultimate a pulse bomb which stuns or kills, and her chromo blink where she goes forward or backwards and if she's hurt and conscious she could go back in time
Kaduking; She has a great reaction, threw Widowmakee, and goes thirty miles in hour but is frail, and not perfect.
((Tracer blinks

kaduking: On Concord Dawn a young boy Jango Ftt witnessed the murder of his fs,ily by Death Watch the rogue mandolorians and he swore vengeance.
grimmie; This sounds a lot like Scorpion 
Kaduking: He joined the Mandolorian army and became a commander at age 14. Woah and than he lost his mentor.
Grimmie: After the Death watchsituation he fought against the Jedi and his power awed Count Dooku. But soon he became a bounty hunter. Partnering up with Zam Wessel a shape shifting assasin they hunted powerful targets, soon gaining the attention of Dooku again and being give. Permission to be the clone template.
kaduking: After he tried to assassinate Queen Amidala he fought Obi Wan and was killed on Geonosis by Mace Windu
Grimmie: His legacy lived on thanks to his clone son Boba
Kaduking: His armor protects from blaster fire and explosions. He is armed with twin Westar 34pistols made to fire quickly, a rocket pack to fly 100 mph for a minute, knee pad rockets, a shoe knife, flamethrower, gauntlet rocket, an instant kill rocket toxic dart, mini Bombs, a rocket launcher, gauntlet blade, and a lightsaber
grimmie: He was able to kill seven jedis with bare hands, fought to a draw with Obi Wan, survived his jetpack blowing up on him, was trampled, and fought many opponents stronger than him with only his pistols, but he relies too much on his jetpack and once in close range he really is not that tough
((Jango flies and shoots his pistols)

Kaduking: LETS DO THIS!!
Ok I am new here the mystic venusaur. Sorry for self promotion but I will upload my manga Rigamon a serious parody of digimon and maybe the Assassin games (but i want to sell that one) and also check out my channel the Mystic Venusaur.


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I'm a proud Hoosier who loves drawing pokemon and writing death battles.


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